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The Best Karate Classes in Noida

 Balkishna karate classes in Noida, led by expert black-belt instructors, for all ages and skill levels. Develop self-discipline, focus, and confidence.

Your Personal karate Trainer

Passionate karate expert  of Balkishan karate classes, empowering clients to master self-defense, improve fitness, and achieve their martial arts goals.


Self Defense Training

Balkishan karate Classes, Empower and protect yourself with self-defense techniques: be prepared, stay aware, and defend against potential threats.


Karate Training

Dynamic Karate Training: Master powerful strikes, fluid movements & self-defense techniques. Develop discipline, focus & confidence in a supportive dojo environment. Unleash your inner strength at Best karate classes in Noida!


Endurance & Strength Training

Balkishan karate classes provides, Endurance and strength training involves engaging in exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. It enhances stamina, endurance, and power for a well-rounded and resilient physique.


Fitness Training

Get fit and strong with personalized fitness training! Our expert trainers will guide you through effective workouts, tailored to your goals and abilities. Achieve your fitness dreams today! 


Weight Loss Training

Balkishan Karate Classes provides effective weight loss training program combining cardio, strength exercises, and personalized nutrition guidance. Achieve your fitness goals faster with expert coaching and support. Get fit, healthy, and confident!


Weight Gain Training

Effective weight gain training involves progressive resistance exercises, focusing on compound movements like squats and deadlifts, coupled with a high-calorie diet to build muscle mass and achieve healthy weight gain. Consistency and proper rest are essential for optimal results.


Weapon Training

Weapon Training at Balkishan karate Classes: Master the art of combat with diverse weaponry. Learn essential skills in melee, ranged, and tactical arms, honing accuracy, speed, and precision. Conquer foes and protect allies with unwavering expertise.


Personalised Training

Get personalized karate training with expert guidance! Improve your techniques, build strength, and boost confidence with tailored lessons for all levels. Train with passion and achieve your martial arts goals!

Don't Wait & Think. Becoz you don't need to.

“Unleash your inner warrior! Join our top-notch karate classes for unbeatable self-defense skills, improved fitness, and unwavering confidence. Expert instructors, friendly environment, and a path to black belt mastery await. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity! Enroll now!”

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Grading (Belt Test)

At the best karate classes in Noida, students undergo rigorous assessments every 3 months to evaluate their progress and determine their readiness for the next level. These assessments encompass various aspects, including technique proficiency, form, discipline, and knowledge of karate principles. The grading system is designed to provide constructive feedback to students, helping them refine their skills and move closer to achieving the coveted black belt. Through regular evaluations and dedicated training, students at this esteemed karate academy in Noida are guided on a transformative journey, empowering them to master the art of karate and become true martial artists.

  • Occurs after every 3 months.
  • Technical & General Knowledge Assessment.
  • Physical Level Assessment.
  • Katha Assessment.
  • Group Discipline Assessment.
  • Fighting Technique Assessment.
  • Weapon Handing Assessment
  • Basic Rules Followup Assessment.

Best karate classes ever! Expert instructors, challenging workouts, and a friendly atmosphere. I’ve seen tremendous improvement in just weeks!

Mr. Shailendra Pandey

Film Director & Producer, SP FILMS

Fantastic karate classes! My child’s confidence and discipline have soared since joining. Great instructors and a safe, supportive environment.

Anju Pandey

Poducer, SP FILMS

Fitness training with Sensei Yuvraj Gurung transformed my life! In just weeks, I saw remarkable results and gained confidence. Highly recommended!

Pradeep Singh

Entrepreneur, LBSHH

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